microorganism associated with spoilage of tomatoes (canned tomatoes)

MICROORGANISM ASSOCIATED WITH SPOILAGE OF TOMATOES (CANNED TOMATOES) TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter one 1.0        Introduction Chapter Two 2.0        Literature  review 2.1    History of canned tomato 2.2    Types of canned Tomatoes 2.3    Nutrition facts of canned tomatoes 2.4    Common additions of canned tomato 2.5    causes of canned tomatoes spoilage 2.6    Control/preservation of canned …

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isolation identification and characterization of fungi associated with the spoilage of corn

 ISOLATION IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF FUNGI ASSOCIATED WITH THE SPOILAGE OF CORN TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.0        Introduction 1.1    Statement of the problem 1.2    Aims/Objective of the Study 1.3    Limitation of the Study 1.4    Significance of the Study CHAPTER TWO 2.0        Literature Review 2.1    Maize as Sweet Corn 2.2    Types of …

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fungi associated d with the spoilage of cocoyam (colocasia esculenta)

FUNGI ASSOCIATED D WITH THE SPOILAGE OF COCOYAM (Colocasia esculenta) ABSTRACT Fungi associated with the spoilage of cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta) during storage at ambient temperature (28+20c) was investigated in this study. This was done by cutting the damaged portion of the cocoyam tubers and blend with diluents (water) to have …

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the effect of management on human development

THE EFFECT OF MANAGEMENT ON HUMAN DEVELOPMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.0              Introduction CHAPTER TWO 2.0              Causes and Effect of Malnutrition 2.1       Under Malnutrition 2.2              Malnutrition in Children 2.3              Psychological Effect 2.4              Food Habits 2.5              Taboos and Superstition 2.6              Nutritional Basic Education CHAPTER THREE 3.0              Obesity 3.1       Causes Effect of …

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bacteria associated with urinary tract infection in pregnant women and their antibiotic susceptibility.

 BACTERIA ASSOCIATED WITH URINARY TRACT INFECTION IN PREGNANT WOMEN AND THEIR ANTIBIOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY. ABSTRACT Urine Sample  from pregnant  women were analysed for bacteriuria. The result of irinalysis reveals the appearance –yellow and Cloudy, pH 6.0, protein-ve, Glucose-ve,Blood-ve, Urobilinogen. Normal, Ketone-ve, Nitrate tve, Bilirubin-ve, Ascobic acid –ve in some of the …

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production and acceptability studies of malted sorghum (sorghum bicolor) biscuit

PRODUCTION AND ACCEPTABILITY STUDIES OF MALTED SORGHUM (SORGHUM BICOLOR) BISCUIT TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Approval Page Dedication Acknowledgement  Abstract Table Of Contents CHAPTER ONE 1.0            Introduction 1.1     Objectives of the study   CHAPTER TWO 2.0            Literature Review 2.1     Origin of Sorghum 2.2            Sorghum Utilization 2.2.1    Production of Malted Sorghum …

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