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Insurance business in rural communities as a means of growth for the Nigerian insurance industry (a case study of Enugu east l.g.a. In Enugu state)

INSURANCE BUSINESS IN RURAL COMMUNITIES AS A MEANS OF GROWTH FOR THE NIGERIAN INSURANCE INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU EAST L.G.A. IN ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT The adverse economic condition currently affecting the Nigeria economy particularly the insurance industry calls for foresight and dynamism. Out dated conventions and tradition have to …

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ASPECTS OF GUNGANCI MORPHOLOGY TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page          i Certification          ii Dedication          iii Acknowledgement          iv Table of Contents         vi-viii CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction         …

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Aspects Of Adim Phonology

ASPECTS OF ADIM PHONOLOGY CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0General Background This research work focuses on the phonology of Adim language spoken in Akankpa Local Government Area of Cross-river State, Nigeria. Adim lies in the Northern part of the forest belt of Southern Nigeria. Adim shares boundary with Ugep in the North …

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Aspects Of Migili Morphology

ASPECTS OF MIGILI MORPHOLOGY TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents………….…………………………………………vi  CHAPTER     ONE 1.0     General Introduction 1.1.    Historical Background 1.2     Socio – Linguistic Profile 1.2.1  Occupation 1.2.2  Festival 1.2.3  Religion 1.2.4  Marriage 1.2.5  Mode of Dressing 1.3     Genetic Classification 1.4     Scope of Study 1.5     Organization of Study 1.6     Research Methodology CHAPTER     …

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Wh-Question In Akwukwu-Igbo Dialect Of Igbo

WH-QUESTION IN AKWUKWU-IGBO DIALECT OF IGBO ABSTRACT This work is concerned with study of wh-questions in Akwukwu-Igbo Igbo, a dialect of Enuani. It focuses on the kinds of wh-question words there and their intricate characteristics. It further dispels the notion that Enuani dialect is a homogenous dialect of Igbo, employing …

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Aspects Of Bura Negation

ASPECTS OF BURA NEGATION  CHAPTER ONE                                       INTRODUCTION 1.0.    General Background This chapter introduces the language of study, the people speaking the language and their geographical location. It introduces us to the background of the speakers of the language which includes their culture and beliefs. Also, a brief explanation of …

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