The Identification And Isolation Of Nematode Affecting Tomatoes Growth

THE IDENTIFICATION AND ISOLATION OF NEMATODE AFFECTING TOMATOES GROWTH INTRODUCTION Nematodes are tiny, thread-like worms measuring 0.0 15 inch to 0.187 inch in length. They are either free living parasitic or saprophytic, identified on the basis of shapes, size and special structures. The females become swollen and flask-shaped as a …

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Managerial Competence And Training Needs Of Poultry Farmers In Nigeria

MANAGERIAL COMPETENCE AND TRAINING NEEDS OF POULTRY FARMERS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE Introduction Background Information Poultry farming is the practice of raising domesticated birds such as chicken, turkey, duck, geese, pheasant, guinea fowl etc. as a subcategory of animal husbandry for the purpose of producing meat and egg for food …

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Assessment Of Weight Gain Between Indigenous And Exotic Breed Of Broiler

ASSESSMENT OF WEIGHT GAIN BETWEEN INDIGENOUS AND EXOTIC BREED OF BROILER CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background of the Study Poultry farming involves, domesticating birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. They are raised primarily for meat production. Chickens raised for eggs are referred to as laying hens while chicken raised …

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