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FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE AMONG SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS Chapter one Introduction                                                                                                 background of the study Education is an instrument for national development. In Nigeria, before the 1840s there was in existence a system of education. This was broadly traditional, occupationally oriented and informal apprenticeship system. This type of …

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STRATEGIES FOR INVOLVING RURAL FARMERS IN AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION IN AKWA IBOM STATE, NIGERIA  GET MORE VOCATIONAL STUDIES PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS INTRODUCTION The conservation of biodiversity is one aspect of environment, which has recently received global attention. Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes …

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INSTITUTIONAL VARIABLES AND ENHANCEMENT OF STUDENTS’ LEARNING ATTITUDE IN FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING IN PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS CHAPTER ONE                                                INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study A public school is government-owned institution in which school fees are subsidized to students in a very moderate rate. In public school there are clearly defined goals, it …

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An Assessment Of Students’ Knowledge Of Autotronics Servicing Strategies In Technical Colleges In Benue State

AN ASSESSMENT OF STUDENTS’ KNOWLEDGE OF AUTOTRONICS SERVICING STRATEGIES IN TECHNICAL COLLEGES IN BENUE STATE CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study The mechanics of autotronics entails the conglomeration that posed the complexity of autotronics working operations and consequently a challenge to mechanics and auto-electricians, towards troubleshooting – finding faults …

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