A Survey Of The Management Problems Of Business Centers In Agwu (A Study Of Selected Business Centres In Agwu Local Government Area)





The cardinal objective of this study are to survey the management problems of Business centers in Awgu Local Government area of Enugu state.  Awgu as a geographical entry is full of men and women, people of proven integrity who have tested their power sin the distributive trade.  This economic approach varies with economic culture of our people and therefore, requires the application of comparative law of requisite variety, which states that individuals with the widest variety of responses will usually control the environment and situation to their benefit.

This study therefore is a token contribution towards attaining this aspiration as it tries to explain approaches that will lead to the side tracking of these barriers to business centers in Awgu .

The study is divided into five chapters.  Chapter one is introduction of the topic of study.

The second chapter tried to explain what other people both Nigerian and people of other countries have written about business centers in particular both their problems and prospects.

The third chapter deals with research design and methodology, and also how the sample size was determined.  The population consists of 75 respondents, all of whom were used in the study.

Then chapter four deals with presentation and analysis of data and the data for this study was gathered through the use of questionnaire were distributed to respondents and were later collected from them personally by the researcher.

Chapter five deals with the findings, that lack of finance and government policies frustrates most proprietors of Business centers and then concluded that f they should be encouraged by government and financial institutions, Business centers will be a progressive venture.

The researcher therefore made recommendations that government should provide an adequate capital to the prospective owners of the Businessi centers by setting up a recognized schemes and commercial banks that can grant assistance to them.  And moreso, one should have enough capital himself before venturing into such a  business.


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1.1            Introduction/background of study

1.2            Statement of the problem

1.3            The objective or purpose of the study

1.4            Scope or definition of the study

1.5            Research questions

1.6            Significance


2.0            Review of related literature

2.1     Overview and development of business centre

2.2            Resource availability and industrial establishment

2.3            Virtues and benefits of business centers

2.4            Problems of business centre

2.5            Attempts at ameliorating business centre problems summary  of literature – review


3.0            Research procedure/methodology

3.1     Research design

3.2            Area of the study

3.3            Population of the study

3.4            Sample and sampling techniques

3.5            Instrument for data collection

3.6            Validity of the instrument used

3.7            Reliability of the research instrument

3.8            Method of administration of the research instrument

3.9            Method of data analysis


4.0            Data presentation, analysis and results

4.1     Data presentation and analysis

Summary of findings


5.0            Discussion, implication and recommendation

5.1     Discussions of results

5.2            Conclusion

5.3            Recommendation

5.4            Implications of the results

5.5            Suggestions for further research

5.6            Limitations of the study





1.1     Background of the Study:

Many advanced countries of the world that have attained or are attaining the peak of their industrial development and economic growth began with business centers.

Technology has evolved the functions of the office to rely on different types of improved and standardized equipment.  It has also devised varied stages and concepts for effective communication within and outside the organization.  It enables the host of system, equipment and materials essentially computer-based to achieve the set goals of an organization in relation to the function of office such as obtaining storing processing and distribution of information.

Business centers serve as centers of information, such centers take in, process, store and relay data and messages in different situation such as financing, marketing, building, manufacturing, servicing or advising so as to enable the different types of people tom function in their jobs.

Some time ago, this set ups were neglected in our economic sectors.  But in recent times, due to unemployment trend in our country, business centers have started to grow in all aspects of our economy.

According to Omordion (1970), “it is dominated that the industrial sector in most countries in terms of the number and employment.  There simply can be no doubt whatsoever that the business centers constitute the real fabric of the nation’s economy.

Government of most nations particularly in the development countries have started recognizing this new shift with great enthusiasm as against their former policies of capital intensive.

It is in recognition of this positive bearing of business centers in national development that Nigerian governments both federal, state and local are now mounting series of programmes designed to sensitize and stimulate the people into appreciating the impact of business centers in out national economy, going through the positive effects which increased activity of business centers could have on the national economy, it will be clear that it is mostly for national policy which encourage establishment of business centers and through this enterprises the nation realize long run betterment of hr balance of payment position.

Starting of one-man business is venturing into the known, which if fraught with many problems.

In realization of this obvious fat and the importance of this category of

business to our national economic growth, the study therefore studies some of

the peculiar factors hindering industrialization Enugu state n terms of business



Being a paid employee now in the country is a very risky businessi

because country is a very risky business because of the state of the Nigeria economic which is not stable.  This has motivated both government (Federal, stage, and local governments.) as well as individuals to focus their interest on business centers development.  At least, it will solve the problem of unemployment for the owner and create some employment opportunities for others.

But to their dismay, the venture, which they thought to be a profit one seem not to break even probably because of lack of financial and administrative acumen.

Oshogbemi, (1979) maintained that the enthusiasm not-with-standing, only very few individuals succeed in establishing their own businessi centers.  This shows that the dynamics role of business centers in our national economic progress and the motivation of entrepreneurs are not being realized.

Realizing the prospects of businessi centre development to any developing nation such as ours, the fundamental quest that arises is how can the dynamic role of this sub-sector be more effectively and economically enhance?

It is therefore important to create serious awareness among the people with more emphasis on business centers as best alternative trade.

Most importantly, there is need to find the possible fctors militing against the sectors developments, thus the need for research on this subject as this.

1.3     Purpose of the study

Therefore, this research work is designed to find out the following:

a.                 Whether lack of capital outlay inhibit the establishment of businessi centre.

b.                 To know the effect government policies have on establishment business centers.

c.                  To know if lack of raw materials is one of the problems

d.                 To know  if land as one of the major factors in establishing of industry discourages people to set up businessi centers.

e.                  To know if lack of machineries and equipment is one of the problems

Another aim of this study is to identify the core problems that hinder people from establishing their own businessi centre in Awgu local government area of Enugu state .  Also, how the result of this will benefit the people who own the business centers.

How it can also benefit the entire Enugu and more so, those who manage the business or about to engage in one

1.3            Scope of study:

This research project cover the problem, of establishing businessi centers

with particular reference to at least ten (10) business centers  in Awgu and its satellites towns of Awgu  town, Mgbowo, Mmaku, Agbogugu, Ihe, Owelli-Court, Ugbo, Ogugu, Ituku, and Isu – Awaa.

1.5     Research Question

To satisfy the inquiring nature of this study the following questions will be answered.

A.               Does lack of capital outlay inhibit the establishment of business centers?

B.               What effects do government policies have on the establishment of Business centre in Awgu

C.               What effect does lack of raw materials have on establishment of business centers in Awgu?

D.               What are the effects of land as one of the Major factors have in establishment of Business centre?

E.                What effect does lack of machineries/equipment have in establishing Business centers?

1.7            Significance of the study:

Businessi centre ownership is the shortest route to the acquisition of

capital and of course participation and contribution towards the economic, social, political and industrial growth of any nation-Enugu state in particular.

This research will enable any person who may read it to appreciate what business centre are, benefit of it, the expected problem a entrant may encounter and finally, proffering possible solutions to the problems.

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