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Maize Adjunct In Sorghum Beer Brewing

MAIZE ADJUNCT IN SORGHUM BEER BREWING ABSTRACT This research work was on maize (Zea may) abject in sorghum vulgare) beer brewing the sorghum was malted and milled. Malting was achieved by sleeping the grains in water at 280c for 48 germination of the grain was allowed for 72 hrs and …

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the role of physical distribution in the marketing of beer production in imo state [a case study of awomamma]

THE ROLE OF PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION IN THE MARKETING OF BEER PRODUCTION IN IMO STATE (A CASE STUDY OF AWOMAMMA)  TABLE OF CONTENT Title page                                                                        i Approval                                                                  ii Dedication                                                               iii Acknowledgments                                                   iv Tale of content                                                        v Abstract                                                                  viii CHAPTER ONE 1.1   Background of the study                                1 1.2  Statement of problem …

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