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Infrastructural Barriers To E-Health Implementation In Developing Countries

This Research Work is on Infrastructural Barriers To E-Health Implementation In Developing Countries ABSTRACT Infrastructure is the backbone of every CBIS irrespective of the field or organization.Digital technologies are not only expensive but also demand professionalism for successful execution of e-Projects. However the availability of basic infrastructure is indispensable.The research …

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Barriers and facilitators in the provision of medical care to the idps under different models of care in north east nigeria: current policy and practice and ways forward.

BARRIERS AND FACILITATORS IN THE PROVISION OF MEDICAL CARE TO THE IDPS UNDER DIFFERENT MODELS OF CARE IN NORTH EAST NIGERIA: CURRENT POLICY AND PRACTICE AND WAYS FORWARD. TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter One            Introduction 1.1         Background of the study 1.2         Statement of the problem 1.3         Purpose of the study 1.4         Significance of study 1.5         Research …

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Barriers To Elderly Pneumococcal Vaccination

BARRIERS TO ELDERLY PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINATION Abstract Despite the burden of disease caused by pneumococcus, adult immunization rates are modest. To understand barriers in diverse settings, we surveyed patients age > or =66 years at: (1) inner-city health centers; (2) Veterans Affairs (VA) outpatient clinics; (3) rural practices; and (4) suburban …

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