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collective bargaining and industrial peace (a case study of the nigeria railway corporation, eastern division enugu)

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND INDUSTRIAL PEACE (A CASE STUDY OF THE NIGERIA RAILWAY CORPORATION, EASTERN DIVISION ENUGU) TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.0       Introduction 1.1       Background of the Study 1.2       Statement of the Problem 1.3       Purpose of the Study 1.4       Important/Significant of the Study 1.5       Scope and Limitation 1.6       Hypothesis 1.7       …

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Collective Bargaining And Organisational Effectiveness In Nigerian State Owned Enterprises (A Case Study Of Lagos Printing Corporation)

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS IN NIGERIAN STATE OWNED ENTERPRISES (A Case Study of Lagos Printing Corporation) ABSTRACT This research was an attempt to examine “Collective Bargaining and organizational Effectiveness in Nigeria state owned Enterprises” a case study of Lagos printing corporation. However, the objectives of this study amongst others …

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Impact Of Collective Bargaining On Industrial Dispute In An Organization

IMPACT OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING ON INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE IN AN ORGANIZATION WHAT IS COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Joshoyin (2007) define collective bargaining as a machinery for discussion and negotiation whether formal or informal, between employer(s) and workers, representatives, aimed at reaching mutual agreement or understanding on the employers and the worker, according to …

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